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Doudou is a small adventurer bear keen on hiking. He loves travelling with his friends Valérie and Jean-Christophe to discover new landscapes and meet people who do not live like us. His biggest wish is to make kids feel like discovering the world and opening their mind to others (for curious parents who wish to know more...). Nevertheless, as a french bear, Doudou may have done a lot of mistakes in his notes. Although this might be funny for fluently english speaking children, please feel free to send us your suggestions to improve our texts... and Special Thanks to Pooky, the Australian Bear, for his great help for the tibetan and corsican pages translation !





Indroduction of DOUDOU
a bear like no other...

In the mountain

DOUDOU in the mountain


In Corsica


In Laos

DOUDOU in Corsica


DOUDOU in Laos


DOUDOU the great traveller


In the désert

DOUDOU the great traveller

In Mauritania

DOUDOU in Libya


DOUDOU in Mauritania









In Tibet
DOUDOU in Tibet

In Tanzania
DOUDOU in Tanzania









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